Rost Gift Best Buy – QianYing Preserved Flower Rose Never Withered Eternal Rose, Gift with for Valentine’s Day, Birthday (Rainbow)

Price: $18.99
(as of Dec 16,2019 16:03:41 UTC – Details)

Love forever, roses only for you. A symbol of love, true love is especially for you:
Red Rose – Love you everyday;
Blue Rose – Pure, crystal love forever;
Rainbow Rose – Perfect and impeccable.

Amazing Indoor Decoration
Preserved roses can be used to decorate your living room, bedroom, study, office, coffee house, etc. except outdoors. Let your place look appealing and amusing.
Work of Art
Made of real roses, keeping fresh flower’s structure, shape, color but stay for a long time, not only a flower but also a work of art: a combination of nature and beauty.
Eternal roses are ornaments, please do NOT let your babies, kids or pets eat;
Only for indoor decoration, please do NOT put it outside or in the sunshine;
Preserved rose will absorb water and become humid in over-humid area and season, and it will get mildewed, ventilate and shine it to recover;
Rose gets dry on dry weather like fall and winter, but recovers when the weather becomes relatively humid. Please do NOT put it near air conditioner or vent;
If rose is covered with dust, use blower (cold light wind) to blow the dust at the distance of 8 inches, please do NOT wash it with water or any other detergent;
As roses grow naturally, the size and shape of each is different; craftsmanship work cannot ensure perfection of each petal, please be well noted!
We know you will love your preserved flower rose, but if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we can refund you with no exception!

Packaged included:
1 pcs flower
1 pcs metal box
1 pcs greeting card
Real Fresh Rose Made: Designed and handmade by professional florists, preserved roses are made supple and long-lasting, not withering like a real flower soon, you can enjoy 1-3 years;
Never Withered Rose, Forever Love: Brightly colored and vivid preserved rose will never wither and stay pretty, symbolizing fresh and forever love human being are eager for all the time;
Sweet Expressions on Special Days: Preserved flower rose help you say love, thank you or caring for on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.;
Amazing Indoor Ornament: Warm, romance, comfort and love are the key elements for living places, with beautiful preserved rose decorated, you will feel cozy and adorable from inner heart;
Unique Design and Delicate Details: Design inspiration of care, eternal roses are held in a heavy-duty and premium transparent viewing display container, sat in a high-end gift box with a ribbon crossed outside and a greeting card free, perfect gift to send to your loved.

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